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2 thoughts on “Termination of Transfer Tool Feedback”

  1. Hello All: I noticed what appears to be some outdated language under the “How Can This Tool Assist You” heading on the intro page. The second sentence says “… you may have the ability to regain rights in 2007 (if other requirements are met).”

  2. This is an impressive tool that helps with a difficult issue. I was particularly impressed by the depth of your background information (even if I suspect no one will read it all). I didn’t see anything that looked wrong to me, so my concerns are mostly with the overall usefulness of the tool. Here are the issues:

    1. I didn’t see any mention of 3rd party copyrights (including the publisher’s) that may be incorporated into a work. Being able to rework the manuscript that was submitted to a publisher is very different than being able to authorize a group like the Internet Archive or HathiTrust to put the book as published available online. Do you need more introductory context about what termination means?
    2. A good example of context is your discussion in a note that termination does not affect worldwide rights. This is something that was new to me and could greatly influence whether an author wanted to go through the termination process.
    3. Similarly, I think it would help if you laid out more clearly the entire process for termination: what you have to do to actually terminate a copyright transfer and how much it costs.
    4. Mostly, I was hoping that your tool would do more than just generate an information sheet that you could take to a lawyer. Finding a lawyer that even knows that terminations exist is going to be hard. What the tool should do is generate a termination notice that can be sent to a publisher. It should also generate the paperwork that needs to be filed with the Copyright Office. In other words, it should be more like the Scholars Copyright Engine that actually generates a contract addendum. As it stands, your tool doesn’t do much that other online termination calculators and flow charts do.

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